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Everything hurts and nothing is beautiful, except maybe the slim prospect of spring

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Do you know why they said “in sickness and in health”?

It’s because you don’t have a fucking choice.

Think about it – if you live together, how can you avoid being sick if your partner is sick? And it’s not like I’m not prepared. It’s almost unfair, because he never gets sick from ME, and if he does, it’s always like, “sniff sniff…la la la la” in ONE day. If I get sick, I come down like a fucking tree.

Since I felt the very first sign of sickness, I’ve gone into full repair mode. In the past four days, here are the things I’ve done and consumed:

– 2 big pots of chicken soup (***tip: if you want to make a quick and easy chicken soup that can double as Pho broth, buy chicken backs and butts at Whole Foods or Hmart for 1-2$ a pack, and cook with a big knob of ginger and a big onion, roast the ginger and onion first before putting them in the pot, and some coriander seeds if you want)

– numerous mandarins, approx. 1 every other hour

– 8 pots of tea (2 a day)

– 4 cloves of raw garlic (IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH; I HAD LEGIT TEARS IN MY EYES)

– one knob of cooked ginger

– 2 drops of oregano oil (nasty beyond belief; no matter how nice oregano is in your tomato sauce)

– neti pot every other hour

– 1 jar of fucking expensive raw organic honey

– 20 lemons worth of home juiced lemons (none of that store bought sugary bullshit thank you)

You’d think with the zeal that I’m trying to heal myself, pure placebo would have cured me by now. But no – sheer hope, placebo, and home remedy DO NOT FUCKING WORK. I appreciate the excuse to eat honey by spoonfuls just like that, but at this point it almost feels like all of the stuff that I’ve inhaled and digested is working against me. A friend’s advice was “to wait” and I almost spit in his face (which is extra hateful because I’d also get him sick). Turns out the only medicine that works is what I don’t have: TIME. Who knew??

Anyway, I promise that after this whole ordeal, if I come out of it alive, there will be plenty of pretty food posts. We went to Maine and enjoyed a lot of good food, and there is a bunch of food pictures from Korea that I haven’t even touched. Here’s to hoping that if sheer hope doesn’t work, sheer rage will cure me.

Until then.


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