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Let me make all these vegan foods for you


It’s been A YEAR, a whole full year (and some months, even) since I last posted. I am going to disclose a secret why that was, and proceed to act as if people cared:

I was very busy.

Well, there’s also the “oh my god will I ever find a job in academia?” daily panic, but I’m trying to get back to doing things I enjoy (motivated by both social and personal fears). The other day when I was showing someone all the mushroom pictures I posted on this blog a while back, I found recipes I wrote myself that I didn’t even remember anymore. That reminds me of the true purpose of this blog – to record what I (and sometimes we, my hubby and I) make, so that we can make it again later, and have a writing outlet at the same time. It was never about getting famous (I’m on the verge of being famous already, in real life, thank you very much, although never said that being famous virtually is not nice as well!).

About three years ago, I tried being vegetarian. You know where this story is going, but let me digress: I learned a lot of things, like how tempeh sucks balls and seitan is awesome, and how my creativity is extremely limited and revolves around meat. It was like watching myself going through mental training: what day is it that I’m going to relapse (into carnivorism)? Before you non-meat eaters start to lecture me the value of non-meat food, let me tell you that I’ve never had a meal without vegetables in my entire life. I have even cooked meals without meat/fish before, if not often. The problem was not the veggie – the problem was the protein, and after a while tofu lost its appeal, and beans became hateful because I always forgot to soak them (this is before I could get myself a pressure cooker). After a month, I decided that my motivation (mostly selfish, partly moral/environmental) was not strong enough, and went back to meat.

Even so, I enjoyed challenging myself to think without meat, and have since started cooking more vegetarian and vegan dishes. Last year, for a vegan labmate’s birthday, instead of buying cakes outside as usual, I volunteered to make a vegan cake, only using flour and coconut oil, then apply avocado frosting (using just avocado and sugar). Unfortunately I didn’t record the recipe, but pretty sure I was just using the first result that Google gave me for “vegan cake coconut oil”. The avocado frosting was because, well, I had avocados lying around.

P1040338 P1040339

Today, I had a coconut milk can lying around (intended for this Vietnamese coconut custard). It’s the Native Forest brand, which supposedly is the best out there because it’s BPA free. I did not know this when I got it, but it is really the best tasting coconut milk out there, the can variety. I’ve tried making coconut milk myself as well, but guys, the work involved is a bitch. In any case, not only does Native Forest tastes good, the consistency is also awesome: it’s thick, and if you pour out all the water that separates from the cream, it becomes this creamy, fatty …cream that tastes not unlike butter (with the consistency of soft butter). I googled “coconut whipped cream”, and apparently I was not the first one with the genius idea. Yes, you can really just whip it like normal whipping cream, to obtain this awesomeness:

coconut whipped cream

All of these were very tasty. I was never really attached to dairy to begin with, but it’s good to know that there are multiple ways to make somewhat the same thing 🙂 It also just makes me happy to think that I could totally be vegan if I wanted to, even if I will never want to.


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