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Basil panna cotta – writing a blog post while hating the hurricane

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Hurricanes – they are annoying. Things are damaged, schools are closed, trains stop running, etc. and of course, everyone freaks out (although most of the time legitimately so). This Sandy thing is admittedly quite legit (look at that New Jersey flood photo!!), but all we feel here in Boston is very strong, ominous sounding winds raging outside. Everyone asks me if I’m prepared, to which I shrug and if possible, show them this photo below:

Yup, that’s what I grew up with, homies. I feel like I’d be much, much more worried if I was an old person living alone and could barely walk, but since I’m neither, I’m just enjoying a day working from home. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Still, gotta chuckle a little bit at Governor Christie’s words. “If it looks stupid, it is stupid”. One of the rare things I have to agree with you, Governor! I never said going out in the rain, let alone a storm/flood, is a smart thing. I don’t know why my fellow countrymen do it. I did it, had a horrible time, and always counted my blessings if I didn’t get stuck outside when it was hurrican-ing 10 times worse in my city (than here).

And because we’re holed up here for a while, I dug out my old photos and found this one I took over the summer (sounds so far away already!). I was on a basil kick, hunting down every basil dessert possible. Berryline had a pretty decent basil froyo. Then I had basil ice-cream somewhere. And since panna cotta is the easiest dessert ever, of course I made basil panna cotta.

This recipe for basic, non-flavored panna cotta is a godsend:, although like usual, I didn’t find it in me to cut open and scrape off the beans of a vanilla pod, and we don’t have vanilla extract lying around, so I just did without.

For the basil flavoring, just quickly blanch basil in boiling water (for about 2-3 minutes, just enough to wilt it), and blend it with the heavy cream before you add the gelatin. I used a handful of basil leaves for about 4 normal-sized ramekins, although I don’t see anything wrong with adding more – or less.


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  1. tam hinh chup o Sg, duong pho ngap trong nuoc la do trieu cuong . Thuy trieu dat dinh, khong mua duong pho cung ngap nuoc. “pho bong thanh dong song uon quanh”


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