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Fresh vegetables tart with crumbled feta, or why sometimes naked (food) is good


I came back from a party/celebration/event/fundraising last night, stuffed with good food (mostly because I was helping out in the kitchen and you know how it goes…) It’s themove’s summer sol party (, celebrating local food and people connecting with the land and the farmers that feed them. What’s more appropriate than a recipe celebrating the freshness and local-ness of food? You’re saying I made this random, lazy, Sunday-morning-can’t-bother-to-cook recipe a long time ago and was just waiting for an excuse to post it and wax poetic about it? Nah, I don’t know what you’re talking about…


1 sheet of pie dough (the one from Trader Joe’s will make about 12 tarts or more)

1 medium tomato, sliced, liquid drained

1 medium onion, sliced the same way as the tomato (crescent shape)

1 medium eggplant, sliced into circles (slice thin enough so it can be cooked into 15 minutes)

Feta cheese, crumbled with your hand! (most amazing anger management task ever)


Olive oil, to brush the vegetables with

1. Cut the dough into small circles to fit your tart pan, brush your pan with butter or neutral oil and bake the tart following Trader Joe’s instructions! (yes, I told you, I am not a baker. Totally cheated, ok? Totally SUNDAY, ok??)

2. Halfway through the time that you were supposed to bake the tart for, take it out and arrange the vegetables on top. I went eggplant first – then tomato and onion on top, facing each other. Brush olive oil on the vegetables, sprinkle some salt to taste. Remember you’re adding feta so don’t add too much salt! If you like your cheese melted and toasted, sprinkle it on at this time. If not, later.

3. Bake until your tart shell is golden and crunchy-looking. Poke your eggplant to make sure it’s cooked. Sprinkle parsley, & feta if you haven’t yet. Eat!

Was very tipsy after 3 glasses of strong cocktail at the party, but I don’t think anyone noticed. They probably just thought I was normal, because I was actually schmoozing and smiling and talking and believing that everyone was so great and interesting.


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