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Hi guys – so some of you already know I volunteer at farms sometimes, and that’s really the only exciting part of my life, haha. One of the non-profit groups I volunteer with is named theMOVE  ( , and now I’m helping them fundraise for next year. And, I know what you’re thinking – no! I’m not like one of those Planned Parenthood fundraising people that stopped you on the street! This is legit, I swear! I even have the website link! 🙂

I’ve volunteered with them a couple of times and can tell you that they do terrific work to help kids understand better their food sources, why eating healthy is important, and how, for example, “organic” is more than the fancy pantsy things in Whole Foods 🙂 Most importantly, it’s just a chance for the kids to really get out of the classroom, have a chance to bond and grow as a person, have a meaningful activity that might kindle their interests in the environment, food, and agriculture.
Dave, the founder, connects with schools and teachers and basically just organizes trips for kids from public schools to volunteer at farms, for free. But nothing is free – there’s transportation costs, lunch costs, among other things. So I hope you can help us make the trips happen!
Here’s how you can help: . I appreciate your support for our cause 🙂

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