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Shrimp Ceviche – summer is here!…?


shrimp ceviche

The weather is super weird these days. Rain, oh wait no rain, SUN!, oh wait fucking CLOUDS. All of my “internal engergy” (kungfu fans, you know what I’m talking about) is focused on, um, praying that June 9th is going to be sunny. If I were a super villain, that’d be my life goal – HOW TO CONTROL THE SUN.

Anyway, on rare sunny days, I do attempt to make salads (salad is not a thing in Vietnam, unfortunately), and this shrimp ceviche feels like the perfect summer salad to me (I know, it’s not technically a salad, but what does a Vietnamese girl know?) Also, computer died a pathetic death, so picture is unedited, and marvelous steamed buns success and failure post has to be delayed. Oh computer, how you hurt me so!!!


1 not-so-ripe avocado, cut into medium chunks right before serving (ripe avocado will mush in your hands and bleed painful green tears…alright, alright.)

1 cup of chopped cilantro, or as much as you like. Life is better with cilantro!

Shrimp (I used a pack of 40 or so large shrimp, but probably ate 10 of them in the process, and found the remaining quantity perfect for the rest of the 30 something people at that dinner party I brought this to!)

4 limes (or lemon, if you so prefer. What’s wrong with you?)

1 red onion, sliced

1. If you have time: marinade the shrimp in lemon juice until it’s pink and cooked (by the acid). Might take a long time and more than 4 limes, however.

2. If you don’t have time and want to be safe: steam/grill the shrimp lightly until JUST cooked (if you pinch the shrimp it’s not completely hard yet, but still kinda squishy, even though it already turned somewhat pink). Then marinade in the lime juice or another hour or so.

3. Right before serving, mix the onion, avocado and cilantro with the shrimp. Voila! I found the shrimp salty enough, but feel free to accelerate your way to a heart attack and add some salt, if you want to 🙂

That day, people who eat unpeeled shrimps are my enemy. It takes SO.FUCKING.LONG to peel shrimps (don’t even talk to me about frozen peeled shrimps. Such a thing does not exist. And if it does, I don’t want it. Shrimp skin?peel?shell? shrimp shell is excellent for soup stock!)


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  1. MMMMMmmmmmmmm. As always, I think you’re hilarious, and this sounds delicious!! Today is one of those random, rainy days, but when it (invariably) turns hot, I’ll try it. This, and also your sardine salad. I saw pomegranates at the produce market yesterday. But didn’t think to buy any.


    • hmm i dont know Christine, New England weather is so weird. I do hope it turns hot!!!


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