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The Cannabis Cookbook or What I did for friendship

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I was sitting idly half paying attention to a cooking demo at Trident Bookseller when I saw this colorful cover:

Being the naive foreigner that I am, I asked my friend, “What’s cannabis?”, DESPITE THE IMAGES.

She said, sort of surprised, “oh, it’s the stuff they make weed from.”


I’ve always thought it surprising and funny that I did not try to smoke any pot at all, being effing SURROUNDED by the stuff and the people doing it at Oberlin. Ugh, the horror of Dascomb, walking around the hallway and coming back smelling like weed only because you fucking WALKED around the hallway. I don’t have anything against weed, I really don’t. It’s apparently non-addictive, although I have heard stories of people who are mentally dependent on it. And as far as I know, it’s not terribly expensive either, unless you want high class stuff that smells better. To me it seems to be the same as drinking, and I drink, so there was really no reason for me to oppose or not try it, other than the fact that it fucking stinks.

I guess I just never felt like it o_O.

Eating, though, presents the perfect medium to try weed without putting up with the smell. I think a lot of people might have thought this way, because this book got an almost 5 stars on amazon LOL. I got so excited seeing this book and texted my pothead friend right away – I finally found a way to combine both of our interests! LOL He was like, “is it all brownies recipes?”, and I had to laugh. There’s a PIZZA recipe – yes, effing PIZZA, people, and bloody mary, and a million other things. For someone who doesn’t even care about weed, I got probably too unreasonably excited, and bought the book, just because it’s so…creative. Gotta give props to these stoners.

The best part? When I paid for the book, the cashier guy gave me detailed advice about cooking with weed -“My experience with this is, you don’t want to use expensive stuff for this. It can go wrong easily! Do fried chicken or something. It’s not water soluble, but fat soluble.” Do I need to explain to you why this is So.Effing.Hilarious?

If I ever get to make any of these recipes, I will report the results. This is a clever cookbook – however the result comes out, the eaters are gonna enjoy it anyway. That probably explains the almost 5 stars on amazon LOL LOL


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