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Not chilled spring pea soup, the brainchild of laziness


chilled pea soup

Accidents and laziness can bring great things. Today D and I reached a new low: we were too lazy to cook so we decided to go out and eat, only to decide to stay home and cook 15 minutes later because we were too lazy to get dressed to go out. Figured.

Anyway, because we were lazy, we pretty much threw everything in the fridge together in the quickest, simplest, most delicious combination (ok, this last part is made up. We didn’t know it’d be delicious until later). Soup. The most beautiful thing/brainchild of laziness on a rainy day. Also, no chilled soup. Chilled soup gives me the heebie jeebies.

Ingredients (sounds fancy; really just leftovers from the fridge) 

1 bag of frozen petite sweet peas

1 parsnip, sliced thin

1 white onion, cut into chunks

1/4 a bunch of cilantro, or 1 cup of roughly chopped cilantro

1.5 cup of chicken broth, or vegetable broth if you’re vegetarian

5 tbs of Greek yogurt/labne/strained normal liquidy not very good American yogurt

Salt to taste

1. Cook everything in one pot with the broth, in this order: parsnip & onion, for about 15 mins, then peas, for 5 more mins, then cilantro, for 2 minutes. The key is not to overcook the peas and cilantro, otherwise you’d end up with a very unappealing green color soup!

2. Blend everything in a blender/food processor, mix in yogurt. Eat!

If you’re fussy like me (!gasp!) you can saute some onion and put on top.


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  1. I LOVE THE COLOR. 🙂 LOve it. love you two. Can’t wait to see you both! P.S. I’m totally on a “I want to carmelize all the onions in the world kick.” Also, a “I will zest on my lemons, and throw the zest into almost everything I eat.” Which reminds me, this yogurt w/ granola could really use some lemon zest! 🙂


    • hahahaha caramelized onion is really the best. Makes everything better. You should stop by Chinatown and get a big jar of dried onions, too. That stuff is the crack. ON CONGEE. And lemon zest in granola? hahahaha yes zest everything XD


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