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Fried shad roe with sesame udon


shad roe leek udon

This is such a late post – shad roe was in season in March, and I’m posting in April. When I first saw it I was like HOLY MOTHER__________ IT LOOKS LIKE A HUGE dick! I’ve never seen roe so big before!

Anyway -the lateness. It’s been hard to find motivation to post when being obsessed with wedding blogs and running experiments. I wonder if it’s the uterus/ovaries in me that can’t pull away from all the pretty (the wedding blogs, not the experiment), or maybe I’m just shallow and materialistic and ordinary like everyone else (sorry everyone else).


2 shad roes (shad roe is usually sold in pairs)

2 sheets of nori (dried seaweed)

Green onions, chopped (we used ramps, garlicky in all its awesomeness)

Some kind of chilli powder/flakes (shichimi, Korean pepper flakes, paprika…)

Sesame oil (as much as you want, 2tbs is usually enough for 2 plates of udon)


Soy sauce

2 tbs of butter

1. Boil udon in water until the texture is right (for about 15 mins – should have a bite to it, but softer than al dante!)

2. While udon is cooking, melt the butter until bubbles, and fry the roes for about 5-7 minutes, only for the outside to brown. The inside will be slightly raw – but if you like, you can cook it longer for the roe to cook through. It will be hard if overcooked however.

3. Get udon and roes on a plate, shred/chop up the nori and put on top with the green onions, the chilli powder. Mix everything with the sesame oil & soy sauce. Eat!


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  1. You made sure to post a photo of the roe that was as phallic as possible, no?


    • um I don’t think I have any choice Christine. It looks like that no matter what angle. The bird-view angle is even worse…


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