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Success story of some cured eggs (trứng gà muối miso)

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Some sudden family tragedy happened, and since I’m so far away, physically and emotionally (we didn’t have a particularly close relationship, among other things), I’m at a loss as to how to carry on with my life. Should I be sad? Wailing all night? Abandon everything (terrible, terrible consequences) to fly home? I don’t want to do any of those. Tragedies happen, and there’s nothing you can do but carry on with your life (the “Keep calm and carry on” slogan that I much deride strikes back with full force of irony!). And that’s what I did. There is really no way to stop yourself from feeling anxious, and also horrified at the fact that you’re at that age when anyone of your family can pass away (this is assuming you dear reader is not a toddler). The only thing you can do is keep it at the back of your mind, and do the best you can with your life.

On that note: I did my best, and successfully cured some egg yolks with miso! Cured eggs are very similar to salted eggs (trứng vịt muối), except by using miso and exposing the egg yolk, it has more flavor than just saltiness. What an incredible process, and by process I mean letting science and nature do their business. The only hard work was constantly checking the temperature of the water when I was cooking the eggs, and then trying to peel the whites away without breaking the yolk. Phew.

pickled miso egg yolk


miso pickled egg yolk


1.Cook the eggs submerged in water at a constant temperature of 60 C/ 140 F for about an hour.

2.Peel the eggs and get rid of the egg whites.

3.Layer miso paste in a small container, then layer a piece of cheesecloth over it. Put the yolks in, layer with another piece of cheesecloth, and another layer of miso on top. Be careful not to break the yolks, they are still runny!

4.Put in the fridge and wait for 5 days. Then, magic!

The yolks absorb the miso flavor, and dry out a bit, but still sort of soft, like soft-cooked eggs. Really, really delicious.


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