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Stout ice-cream! What, alcoholic you say?

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Ever since JP Licks came out with the seasonal flavor CREAM STOUT, I’ve become obsessed with everything stout (esp. milk/cream stout, which is slightly different from other stouts, I think?). I even went so far as BUYING a six-pack of milk stout o_O

left hand milk stout ice cream

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not good with alcohol. I rarely find them tasty, and I get drunk fast. I hate hate hate hangovers – it feels masochistic to me to drink and then endure the terrible headaches and fatigue later. Sure, it can be fun to drink with friends, but only in small amount, and drink something tasty (by tasty I mean girly sweet cocktails). However, now I’m a little proud to say I love stout – dark BEER, even if the sound of the word (beer) simultaneously disgusts and amuses me o_O

In any case, stout really tastes like…bread. Well, they come from the same source (yeast, grains) anyway. All beer is bitter, but stout has a hidden sweetness to it, made even better when transformed into slightly sweet ice-cream, or incorporated in a beer-float. I find it amazing with some really good vanilla ice-cream (the really good, custardy eggy kind), or even better as a stand-alone ice-cream flavor. Finally had the courage to experiment yesterday, and I’m proud to say the result is not bad! But I couldn’t take a good picture of it, so you should just imagine your normal coffee ice-cream, or look at this schematic drawing for reference:


1 bottle of milk/cream stout (12 oz.)

1.5 cup of whole milk

3 egg yolks (*I was out of eggs, but usually I use 3 egg yolks and 2 full eggs for every 3 cups of liquid (milk/heavy cream/etc.)

2 tbs molasses

2 tbs sugar

1. Cook down the milk on low heat until reduced to half the volume (don’t close the lid on the pot).

2. Add the beer to the milk and cook down some more (about 15 mins), on low-medium heat. This will also cook the alcohol away! (sorry alcoholics!)

3. Turn off heat, add molasses and sugar and stir till dissolved.

4. IMPORTANT: beat egg yolks and add to the not-boiling pot of milk and beer, and whisk/stir constantly until the mixture becomes thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

5.Chill completely, then add the mixture to the ice-cream machine and wait for your fabulous dessert 🙂


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