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Thịt kho nước dừa & canh nấm – Coconut pork belly stew & mushroom soup


If this is what it’s like to be old…GIVE ME THE YOUTH POTION PLEASE! My body is sore all over from gardening & farming. Always good on days like this to come back to a pot full of meat, specifically PORK BELLY!

Vietnamese pork belly stew

My thinking is that, since we won’t be able to eat a lot of pork belly when we’re older (all the artery blocking and such), better to eat it now than later, right?


1 strip of pork belly (about 1 pound), cut into small 1/2 inch pieces (or bigger if you prefer, it’ll just cook longer)


1 can of Coconut juice (1 can = 14-16 ounces of liquid)

1 can of Coconut milk (unsweetened!)


1 star anise (tiếng Việt là tai vị)


Fish sauce OR soy sauce

Step 1. Brown the sugar till it becomes caramel. Careful, this sucker burns like that (finger snap)!

Step 2. Pour coconut juice & coconut milk, let boil. Season with fish sauce or soy sauce. If your liquid is sweet, add a cup of water.

Step 3. When liquid is boiling, put in the meat, star anise & peppercorn. Cook on medium heat for 1/2 hour (meat still has texture) or 1 hour (meat comfortably soft).

Step 4. Boil your egg in separate water while waiting for the meat. When egg is done peel and put into the stew pot, remember to use your knife to cut along and around the egg so the broth can penetrate it!

I think people don’t usually put in coconut milk, but it gives the stew such a rich decadent taste! After I was done with the meat, I mixed about 5 tablespoons of the stew broth into 2 cups of water, boiled some straw mushroom and put in a big bunch of cilantro. Voila! Soup! The Lazy Man soup!


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  1. “better to eat it now than later” i super liked it and i’ll definitely try this one. Btw, somewhere between Puerto Rico and Florida there is the Fountain of Youth, and its water tastes like coconut milk mixed with fish sauce, or so I heard.


    • you’re making that up aren’t you! or trying to be cute/clever X-( lols anw, yes pls try it! the mushroom soup is seriously THE.EASIEST.SOUP since miso soup o_O I thought that was my stroke of genius hahahahahaha


  2. hi matchaflan, I’ve been a devout follower of your blog. I love the vietnamese dishes you introduced and your writing style 🙂 Did you ever take cooking lessons? And keep the good work coming!


    • No I had to learn how to cook myself, with my mom’s help through emails, when I went studying abroad! Living in a country where food sucks has the magic of turning you into a real cook hahaha. And thanks so much for the comment! I hope you’d make and enjoy these Vietnamese dishes!


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