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You say turkey and I say rabbit, or maybe pheasant?

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roasted pheasant

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone. I stuffed myself senseless o_O We’re lucky that David’s step-grandmother is such a good cook, and I agree with her taste.

This year she had local turkey (instead of nondescript frozen turkey), and had the butcher chop it all up – you know, wings, drumsticks, breasts, etc. Makes so much sense to me! Sure, roasting the whole turkey is pretty and all that, but – let’s say it together now – it’s So.Damn.Annoying. You wait forever for it to cook, and when it cooks, it’s dry like a corpse o_O I mean, a tasteless corpse.

If I ever get to cook my own Thanksgiving meal, I’d just dupe people and use rabbits, or pheasants. So much more flavor! This is where it makes no sense to me. Turkeys are supposedly not domesticated – sure, they raise turkey for meat now, but isn’t it supposed to be a bit “wild”? No gaminess in flavor at all. In contrast, rabbit meat is chewy (in a good ooh-this-is-not-mushy kind of way), and smells like it’s been in the forest, even if that’s not true ( I wasn’t sure if my rabbit was farmed or wild, most likely farmed).

Pheasants would be a good alternative too, I think. It’s not too big and overwhelming like turkey, and it’s wild! We roasted ours whole rubbed with honey, sumac & thyme, and it was amazing.

In other news, no talk of Native Americans at the Thanksgiving table. Guess genocide is never that appetizing o_O


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