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I can eat whatever the fuck I want and you don’t get a say in it

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The recent San Francisco ban of selling live chicken at farmer’s markets, and the California ban of foie gras, were two of many retarded things about food here in the US. Or, at the risk of being politically incorrect, retarded things about political activism.

Growing up, I saw everyone in my family (maybe with the exception of my aunt) killing and butchering chicken at some point. Even my grandpa can do it, and he doesn’t even cook! It’s a skill taught from generation to generation, a must in a Vietnamese household. Not so much anymore, I bet, but about 10 years ago, most housewives/grandmas can kill and butcher a chicken no less professionally like any butcher. It’s an Asian (and as far as I know, African & South American) thing, culturally (because we cook and put a chicken on the altar for our ancestors on the lunar New Year’s Eve), and historically. To be able to kill your own chicken, prepare your own food – I think it’s a privilege. I don’t think these animal rights people understand that we must kill the chicken quickly with a swift slice at the throat, because otherwise the meat won’t be good and the blood won’t flow out easily. Is that more inhumane than chicken heads being chopped off unceremoniously in factories? Is selling live chicken at a farmer’s market without infringing any animal & hygiene law like Mr.Young did worse than selling butchered, feather-plucked obese chicken that were crammed in dark, confined coops filled with feces?

They also want to ban selling live turtles and frogs, saying that stacking them in buckets and killing them while live and unconscious is inhumane. Ok, so, how else do you kill an animal? When it’s already dead? I just found out that students in America didn’t have to knock frogs unconscious (the term is really “disable the nerves” by using a medical tool to hit the frog on the top of the head so that it’s unconscious before you start slicing it for biology lessons), and maybe that’s why they don’t realize that making frogs unconscious is also kind of terrifying. And the turtles – oh, the turtles – I bet these people never witness a skilled Chinese chef/butcher butcher a turtle. It literally takes ONE second. I repeat, ONE fucking second. Go talk to your turtle friends and tell me if they complain about pain in their afterlife as, oh, I don’t know, an animal activist?

Now the foie gras thing – I can actually see their point. Sure, making ducks/geese obese to get their livers is messed up, but since when are we not allowed to eat what we want to eat? Ban the fucking burgers! Because, oh I don’t know, feeding cows only corn – not their natural feed, grass – and cramming them in containment filled with feces (see the pattern? the chicken? the cows?), fattening them super fast and killing them within 6 months, is totally humane?  Why can’t we just try to make the goose-fattening process more humane (and there have been efforts to), instead of fucking ban a type of food? Since when can’t I not eat something not because I can’t afford it, or because I hate it, but because someone doesn’t want me to eat it???

D. commented shortly as I was venting to him about these retarded issues: “They just want to ban things that make them uncomfortable.” And I agree. I really have nothing against vegan, or vegetarian. We eat veggies religiously. I think vegan cooking is quite ingenious – how they manage without eggs and butter is beyond me. Even if I think animals eating animals is the most natural thing in the world, and that predators are usually smarter than prey and therefore, let me see…EAT THE PREY, I have no qualms if people choose to eat plants and legumes exclusively. But if I’m not making them eat meat, why are they making it so hard for us to eat meat? It’s laughable that the products that were attacked first are chicken sold by this random Asian farmer in Sanfran, and foie gras whose consumers (high-end restaurants) and providers (limited number of purveyors) can be counted on one hand. What about the chicken companies? The beef companies? They’re too big for you? Oh, wait, I think they are.

On that note, I just wanted to share with you some of the wonderful food I binged on while back home: (picture on top) chicken stomach and young eggs (used to be inside the chicken – pregnant chicken, a concept that grossed out a lot of Americans because…uh, why? No idea. Because obviously animals are not allowed to be pregnant!), cow stomach (2 out of the 4 compartments of the stomach), and a cute double-banana 🙂


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