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Bánh canh sò điệp – scallop rice&tapioca noodle soup

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scallop banh canh so diep

I don’t get the whole cereal-and-milk breakfast deal. It’s so…boring (even if some people I know would argue, vehemently!, otherwise. I’m used to the colorful Vietnamese breakfast: noodles, meat, and herbs. If you try one kind of Vietnamese noodle soup everyday for breakfast, you can at the very least last for 2 weeks, if not more. The breakfast is hearty and soothing, yummy and easy to eat (and digest!). It’s THE perfect breakfast.

One of my favorite noodles is bánh canh – noodles made of rice flour with a good mix of tapioca flour that gives it the translucent and slightly chewy quality you don’t see in the conventional rice noodles (bún). There are some variations, but the basic, I’d say original even, variety is the thick soup with pork and fried shredded crab meat. I was craving banh canh, but had to invent a makeshift version in the absence of crab meat 😦 hence the scallop! Quick and delicious 🙂


2 servings

Bánh canh

A handful of bay scallops (about 15? My hand is small, you see…)

2 medium onions

Pork meat and/or bones, the more the better

Seasonings: fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon sugar

Step 1: Cook the pork meat and/or bones with one of the onions for at least an hour to get the broth.

Step 2: Dice the other onion & saute in butter till soft, put in scallops. Brown the scallops & onions.

Step 3: Bánh canh usually comes semi-dry at Asian stores (as in, it’s considered “fresh noodles” instead of dry, but it’s still kind of dry and need to be cooked a bit). Have a pot of water to cook the noodles. When water boils, put in noodles and cook only for less than 5 minutes! This is important, otherwise your noodles will turn into mush!!

Drain noodles (you can wash it a bit under water so it doesn’t stick together – only do this with Asian noodles, never Italian!), pour in broth, put pork meat and scallops and onions on top. EAT! 😀


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