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Watermelon and Beef Summer Salad

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watermelon beef salad

The watermelon goes undercover as tomato in the usual tomato-lettuce-meat salad, the sweetness complimented by the sour-sweet of fig balsamic vinegar. It’s one of those rare moments where I can justify calling myself a genius šŸ˜€

Watermelon and Beef Summer Salad

A quarter of a medium red watermelon, cubed

1 tenderloin steak or any cut of meat you like, but you know tenderloin rules because it’s, uh, tender ^^

1 cucumber, peeled (I used Korean, but go with the country of your choice and be racist…ok, whatever, cucumbers taste the same, alright?)

1 medium onion

A mix of lettuce (we used red leaf, chicory, etc. basically all the lettuce we found at the market. You’d really want something bitter, though. It goes well with the watermelon. Enough lettuce to fit a big salad bowl.)

3 tbs of fig balsamic vinegar, or any balsamic vinegar (fruity/sweeter ones taste better in this salad).

Salt and/or soy sauce, to taste + freshly ground pepper

Pine nuts (optional)

Step 1 Slightly salt the steak; sear the outside, each side for about 2-5 mins on high heat and depending on the thickness of your steak/piece of meat. Finish it off in the oven until desired doneness (can’t really speak about this because David does this part and he has killer instinct for medium rare. Me? I’m Asian. Aka cook-steak-until-it-becomes-leather ie. very very well cooked). Or you can cover you pan and turn the heat down to the lowest, wait about 10 mins. Let your steak rest so you don’t lose the juice!

Once the steak is done, remove, let rest, and use the pan to saute the onion so it can soak up the juice on the pan.

Step 2 Make the salad. Uh, you know how to make a salad, right?


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