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A quickie (no not that!): usual raging at MasterChef

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I just…can’t help it. I know, I know. Raging over shitty shows is so…clichéd.. Or even hipster (help me here, still not sure if I understand the concept). But I can’t help it. I have to say it, even if no one listens.


Are all successful, rich people annoying? Or only successful, rich people who want to be on TV? Because rich successful people from other industries/careers doing things on TV is really quite annoying. If you own 20 different Italian restaurants and 3 vineyards, aren’t you, oh I don’t know, …busy? Why are you on TV being all annoying and stuck-up?

Ok, I get it. It’s about the home cook. The HOME cook, emphasis on home, so obviously and obnoxiously, exactly the way I did with the capital letters. When the contestants make something good, Gordon Ramsay appropriately praises it as amazing, but there’s always that little reminder, in one way or another, that, “oh you’re a home cook so this is amazing that you were able to make it!”. When they try to make something difficult, the judges frown in worry, “but they are home cooks, after all.” I’m not saying they are wrong, per se – sure, these are really ordinary home cooks who never work in pro kitchens before, but isn’t it a cooking competition for the title of “Master Chef”? The condescending manner of this show is therefore, annoying.

Also, I know it’s his ticks, but I hate the way Gordon Ramsay shouts every single word and shouts even louder at random emphasis words (while clapping his hands together as if he was saying something important). Chill out! Refuckinglax! I know you’re a great (?) chef and all, but you’re not a character from Marvel or DC whose dialoge bubbles are filled with bolded words!!!

God, I really, really hate this show. I also hate myself for watching it. Such is the magic of trash TV…


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