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He Bakes She Watches (and Harasses) – banana leaf bread

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In my household, we have specific duties: he cuts I…direct. He bakes bread I watch and harass him (butt grabbing, butt poking, commenting, boob grabbing, stealing samples, you name it).

Since he  liked making bread so much, for Christmas, his family got him the “My Bread – the Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method” book by Jim Lahey. It was awesome…for about a year. Then he got lazy. But the other day, I nagged and got him to make my favorite bread, the Banana Leaf Bread. I won’t post recipes here – you will have to find the book (or email me). I’m just not sure about the whole copyright thing, you see. But, if you have a favorite bread recipe, just try wrapping the dough in banana leaf when you bake it. Banana leaf infuses the bread with, well, banana leaf aroma – it’s such a comfort-food smell to me, reminding me of all the xôi I ate in Vietnam (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves). I can tell you, however, that this bread has banana, dates and unsweetened coconut flakes in it. It’s a very, very simple recipe – you basically just let the bread do its business overnight, no kneading, and wait for another hour for it to rise some more after you wrap it in the leaf. Try it!

Wish I had pandan leaf (lá dứa) here to try making the bread with 😦


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