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Shoyu ramen with kimchi, fern, egg & chive flower


shoyu ramen with kimchi soft cooked egg onion flower fern

I’ve read somewhere that you should keep your blog post short to retain people’s interest. But I’m so long-winded – I think that’s why I lose a lot of people by the end of my 2nd sentence, in real life conversations. So I’m gonna attempt to be short today, only because I’m so tired and I’ve been meaning to get this post out a loooong time ago. Life and its rule of “you should overcome obstacles and rage before you get what you want” got in the way, so here it is now, after…a month.

Got fresh ramen with prepared shoyu broth packets. Cute Japanese guys were selling them. Attempted to speak Japanese like a native. Failed.

Got some chive flowers at farmer’s market. Was enlightened (CHIVE HAS FLOWERS?? NO FUCKING WAY!!!). Korean seasoned fiddlehead fern ready made. Soft-cooked egg (secret: let water comes to a boil, turn it off, let egg sit in water for 7 more minutes, take out and dunk – I mean, gently put – in cold water). Kimchi. Green onions. Sauteed slightly burnt red onion. So easy. So delicious.

Yes, we copped out. But it was so good. Korean ingredients on Japanese ramen = best thing ever since Earth, assuming you love Earth. Also, in my defense, shoyu ramen is not hard. Shoyu (soy sauce) to taste + a handful of dried anchovy + 1 tbs mirin (sweetened sake)+ 1 2-inch piece of kombu (dried kelp) + sauteed 1 tbs of ginger & garlic + as much pork bones/ground pork as you want (I’d say stay on the lighter side as shoyu ramen’s broth is very light and not as intense as tonkotsu ramen).

Oh. Wait. Post’s long. Crap.


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  1. Haha looks so.pretty with the flower!’re in new home now? ^^


    • o cai nay lam hoi o nha cu hihi o nha moi dc 2 tuan roi.


  2. Bông (hoa) tím (chive) đẹp quá, ăn sống luôn bông đó à?


    • bong ha`nh do. hanh de the nao do no ra hoa nhu vay. an co mui ha`nh nhe nhe.


  3. bông hành hay bông hẹ ? vừa đẹp mà lại vừa ăn được, hay nhỉ


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