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Matcha tofu mousse or I do really fail at styling

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I really, sincerely, want to take a good food picture. But I’m also innately, irrevocably lazy. And not very artistically gifted. Look at this:

…and tell me it doesn’t look like p…ok I won’t say it, otherwise you’ll be disgusted and don’t want to read on, right?I know people use silken tofu to make smoothies, but never tried before. I didn’t have any fruit around, so I made a simple mousse flavored with matcha (green tea). I’d advise getting silken tofu from Chinese/Japanese brands – it has that distinctive soy flavor/smell that silken tofu from American brands doesn’t have. Same thing with soy milk – the one we got at H-mart, the Korean supermarket chain, smelled and tasted so much better than the pedestrian soy milk at American supermarkets. It tasted like the soy milk I’m used to in Vietnam.

To make tofu mousse, just blend the silken tofu with whatever flavoring you like. I want to try  toasted black sesame powder next time 🙂 To make the smoothies, you can either add soy milk or not, depending on how creamy you want it to be. I found just pureeing the tofu was enough, it had a lot of water inside (after draining the tofu water in the box). It was super fast – if I have to give a cooking time, well, 1 minute?

I flavored my mousse with about 2 teaspoons of green tea powder – it came out great. Next time I would blend it less to make it thicker, but it tasted creamy and matcha-y, just like I wanted. It tasted great even without the sugar, but I drizzled some molasses on top just because. I’d have put the mousse in a ramekin or a small glass, except I don’t have any of those here with me (my toys are in Boston 😦 ). So I made the inane decision to put it on a plate, stupidly thinking it would hold up and not spread around like a mini pile of vomit/white poop. THERE. I SAID IT. Ugh. The whole arrangement and styling is really odd and stupid, but what the hell o_O might as well have fun with it, right?



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