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The foodie/food snob/food blogger existential dilemma: to shoot or not to shoot

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The biggest challenge of writing a blog, so far, for me, is the picture part. There are a few problems at hand here: I’m a

– mediocre amateur photographer with a P&S camera,

– a lazy bum who despite knowing how to get better lighting (hence better photos) is too lazy to do it,

– someone with rather complicated living arrangements and memory of a fish – I always forget to bring my camera with me when I cook somewhere other than my apartment,

– and someone who loves food, loves eating food, and loves eating while it’s hot => this is the biggest problem.

To get a good picture, you have to take many shots. After many shots, the food cools down (ok obviously it won’t be a problem with desserts, but if I want to eat it NOW and I have to put it back the fridge for it to cool down again, it’s annoying). I remember while shooting the matcha roast pork, it was in the evening, inside, so the lighting wasn’t good at all (and of course I don’t have artificial lighting to make up for it), so I had to take the pictures again and again, from different angles, at different spots. I was SO fucking hungry. When I finally got to the pork, it was cold. Cold roast pork? No thank you.

Some chefs/celebs like Bourdain and Chang mentioned this too: some foodies who went to their restaurants, the first thing they did when they saw the food was take photos. The chefs HATED that -“eat my fucking food”, they say.  Ok, fine, I do it, too, but I do it quick, and if it’s too good to resist, sometimes I just jump right to the dish without thinking of the camera (now that I think about it – how do people film when they have sex anyway? Not to be vulgar or anything, but doesn’t that kind of ruin the moment? Well, I guess if you’re the type to film your private moments you’re not in your right mind anyway). If the food looks really beautiful, really tasty, wouldn’t you spend the first few minutes entranced and staring, the next one devouring it?

Again, that is not to say I think taking food photos is wrong – I love food photos. But I’d rather someone else take the photos, and I eat the food 😀 You gotta eat it while it’s hot, eat it while it’s hot, yo yo ~


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