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Green tea cookies, green tea everything go go go!

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Before starting the “naming all the awesome recipes/things you can make with green tea” game, let’s start off with the failure(s) of the day:

– forgot my rice on the stove (I NEED A MOTHERFUCKING RICECOOKER OMG I AM ASIAN!!…to be fair my grandmom used to always make rice with a pot on the stove and it came out just right). So I ended up with a loooot of burnt rice, which is all fine and dandy because burnt rice is cool. Except I couldn’t eat them all right away and after 2 days they became all dry and hard and no more crunchy toasty and awesome.

– salmon…oh, thou sad salmon! How I pity thee! There was an incident with my fridge (through no fault of my own) and the freezer stopped running for half a day. Guess that’s what made the fish taste so not fresh. Well, and also the fact that it’s been frozen for a month. Im fine with frozen fish, sort of, but seriously, THIS KIND OF LIFE WITH NO FRESH FISH NEEDS TO STOP.

Oh, sorry, the main point of this post is to talk about how many things you can make with green tea, or matcha. I was so indulged while in Japan: my host family knew to matcha I was “me ga nai” (crazy about matcha), so they kept the freezer well stocked with green tea ice cream bars. I had it after dinner EVERY FUCKING DAY, it’s not even funny (no, really, it wasn’t funny cos I gained 8 pounds and could barely fit my clothes). Thank God it got cold in the winter so I stopped for like…3 months. Then there was green tea muffins at the school cafeteria, green tea parfait at every coffee shops in Kyoto, and even a freaking matcha senmonten – a shop specialized in all thing green tea! So as I was languishing away on my bed, exhausted for no reason and wishing the green tea cookies could make themselves, I thought it would be fun to list, and think up!, things that you can make with green tea. What’s your take?

– green tea cookies

– green tea kasutera (Japanese pound cake)

– green tea sponge cake

– green tea latte

– green tea senbei (Japanese crackers)

– green tea parfait

– green tea ice cream

– green tea panna cotta (OH SO GOOD AND OH SO EASY! will make soon & share)

– green tea waffle/pancake

– green tea roast pork

– green tea salad dressing! (excellent on duck!)

– green tea milk candies


– green tea wafers

– green tea jelly

– green tea powder dusting on warabi mochi (my favorite! tastes even better than kinoko)

– green tea chocolate

– green tea mochi

– green tea soba

– green tea PASTA? oh yeah!

– green tea … tortilla?

– green tea rice!

– green tea shortcake

the game goes on and on!! give me your take!!


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