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Freezer wisdom

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Ok, let’s get this out of the way first: I know there is a thing called baking soda and that you can put it in the freezer. But I really don’t think it can fight off the disaster that is Frozen Dill in a Plastic Bag! I had some in my freezer, and now everything from my chicken thighs to pork bones have that strange smell of herb-infused ice (and it’s not as nice as it sounds; it smells like ice and that’s not cool, esp. when you eat grilled chicken!).

So lesson, even though I’m sure no one is stupid like me: NO FROZEN DILL PLEASE! Unless you have a better way to store it, of course. Resealable plastic bags just don’t cut it.

On a different note, I’ve been so veggie-starved lately, and I can’t even go to the grocery store. Hopped on the bus: got off at the wrong stop. And it was the last bus! Then it rained. It’s just…not meant to be. So I have to wait to get a ride from my landlord, in the meantime eating a lot of (frozen) yogurt hoping I won’t get constipated. And due to lack of colorful interesting ingredients I have just been making simple straightforward Vietnamese/Japanese fares, even resorted to Brie with walnut for dinner at one point.

My life is…sad.


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