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Sardines pasta Sicilian style (?)

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So tired today – traveled for 6 hours straight. D said, “but you only sit on the bus!” – um, that’s the tiring part!!

When I’m tired, I lose my appetite too. For dinner today I just wanted something simple, something that even though I have no appetite I’d still want to eat (ok-that might make no sense, but you still understand, right? right…?) I had a tin of sardines in olive oil, and looked up a bunch of sardines pasta recipes. Apparently in Sicily – according to Mario Batali & Emeril Lagasse, and maybe Rachel Ray – you make a straightforward pasta dish with sardines, olive oil, and bread crumbs/cheese (you can find these recipes easily on But I didn’t feel like putting that much stuff in my dinner, so my pasta ended up being just sardines + parsley + + garlic + olive oil. But it tasted good! So, here we go, “recipe”:

sardine Sicilian style pasta


1 tin of sardines in olive oil

6 cloves of garlic (or more! more garlic better life <3)

1 cup of chopped parsley leaf

A handful of linguine (as in, I just grabbed the dry linguine from its package as much as my small palm could hold; this is up to you, of course)

The one and only step!

Roughly chop the garlic and saute with the olive oil from the tin. When garlic is fragrant mix in the sardines, saute for 1 minute & then mix in the cooked pasta. Turn off heat after 1 minute, mix in parsley


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