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A wonderful dinner at Sushi Taro, Washington DC

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My sensei took me this wonderful Japanese restaurant over the weekend, and boy I’m impressed. Sigh. The perks of living in a big city. I’m done with small towns, forever!! (well starting from September, that is)

Monk fish liver terrine - very fishy (in a good way), rich & delicious. The seafood foie gras!

gomadofu, chewy texture like dessert tofu


My favorite was the hojicha pudding – it has a toasted tea flavor (HOJICHA!!!) and the texture of the creamiest, most delicious panna cotta. We had some other dishes (kurobuta, inakani, salad with mentaiko dressing, sakura ice cream-which tasted like coconut ice cream, wut wut?), which were good, but nothing to write home about. All in all though, this restaurant really impressed me. Good authentic Japanese food with an interesting and diverse menu – 10/10 ^^


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