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Roe kimchi udon aka Asian pasta

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Mentaiko kimchi udon

recipe credit to

I stumbled upon the recipe, and tried it out (without using any particular measurement; it was pretty easy just eyeballing it). It was great! The tiny fish eggs on the udon look (and taste a bit) like grated cheese, making the whole dish look very Italian-pasta-ish. It was super easy & fast to make, too.



Roe (*I got seasoned pollack roe, Japanese style. This is easy to get at any Korean/Japanese grocery store. Or you can use roe you got directly from the belly of a fish – sometimes if you buy the whole, uncleaned fish the eggs are still there)


Green onions & nori for toppings

Butter/Sesame oil

Step 1

Melt butter in a (cast-iron!) pan, at the same time start cooking the udon. When the butter starts to bubble and smells REALLY GOOD, break the egg pouches (I don’t know what to call them 😦 ) into small pieces on the pan, sear them for 2 minutes if at room temperature and 5 mins if frozen. If you don’t like it fishy then cook it well – I kept it half-raw.

Step 2

After about 8 mins or so taste the udon – it should have a texture, and not mushy. Drain the udon and toss it in the roe-butter pan. Toss it well! If you use un-seasoned roe, salt to taste.

Step 3

Turn off the stove, mix in kimchi. Eat!

Bonus picture of some “chicken on rice” I got from a Halal food truck in NYC today. I meant to walk to a Korean restaurant for lunch but walked by this truck and got lured in by the amazing smell. They have a “featured in NYTimes” line running on a side banner, and the 2 cooks/servers wore uniforms and hats! -that’s pretty fancy for a Halal food truck. I’ve always meant to eat more of this type of food, but I got stuff from random NYC food trucks once or twice and while it was good, the meat smelled kinda weird, I can’t explain it. So even though it kills me every time I stand next to a Halal food truck basking in all their grilled-meat-smoke glory, I never buy any. I surrendered today, and boy was it good!


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