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Yuca! You bitch! (khoai mi)

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Ok, so, I hate yuca. But I love it.

Apparently the internet says (I feel like I shouldn’t give the internet this much authority, but…), yuca is khoai mi. But but…Vietnamese khoai mi is light yellow when cooked, and has a much less starchy taste. I can see the similarity, but it’s not identical, for sure. OR, it’s just that the yuca I get here in the US is a different type.

Anyway, so I baked/roasted some yuca today. After only a few minutes, smoke came out of the oven like something was on fire (I mean, yes, the oven was on fire, but it really felt like a forest fire in there), and it smelled like fucking candles. FUCKING CANDLES! I panicked, and checked the oven carefully. No candles. Hey, I’m not stupid. Why would I roast candles?

Apparently, it’s the yuca’s skin. JESUS MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST.

So I took it out, and peeled it with a knife. It was so fucking hard!!! I hate peeling things without a veggie peeler. No, this bitch wouldn’t go down with just a veggie peeler. You need to knife it! Anyone care to enlighten why it smelled like candles/wax when burnt? Some scientific evidence please.

In any case, I peeled it, sliced it (with great difficulty), and tossed it on the pan in the oven where I was also roasting some pork bellies, so it can soak up the deliciousness of fat and meat juice. Great success! It tastes like a very starchy potato with a hint of sweetness, and thanks to being roasted it’s all toasty and yummy.

Lesson of the day: yuca is a motherfucking bitch! Delicious, though.


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