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Dashing [off]


I’ve always loved food – you should see me whenever I spot a matcha cake, or a sazae (a kind of Japanese snail) stand. I feel a surge of energy, and if I can’t dash to where the food is, I’ll be jumping up and down like a kid on Prozac (not that kids are allowed to take Prozac, but you know what I mean.)

It started with eating, and then, slowly, unknowingly, I got into cooking, too. Culinary skills used to be an object of contempt to me, something too “girly” (I was a kid, pardon the sexism) to be taken seriously. But when left in the land of hamburgers and maccaroni ‘n cheese, I was forced to fend for myself and tada, discovered that I could actually cook, and that I enjoyed it tremendously.

Starting this blog, I’m hoping to nurture a nascent hobby into a new passion. It’s funny, because I don’t seem to be good at anything I love doing. But for now, I’m content with my mediocrity. It’s fun, sometimes, to improve. I want to grow with this blog. One day, I’ll proudly present you the ultimate matcha-flavored flan that I (will) create, however unappetiszing it might sound. Flan was the first dish I ever made and was the only one I could make for a long time. Making the perfect flan with my favorite flavor on Earth, matcha, would mark the day I stop failing and maybe – just maybe – get on my way to something bigger and better.

And I was just being dramatic – flavored flan is not that hard, actually. Be…figurative, will you?

Here’s the very first matcha cake I’d ever had (New York, SoHo, some Korean bakery, 2007):

matcha polaroid

Let’s pray that one year from now, this first post will not be the only post.


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  1. congrats babe, its the tiny little first ingredient in your matcha culinary adventure =).
    And at least u know what u like and working towards it, unlike somebody T_T!


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